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[Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Author Topic: [Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption  (Read 1353 times)

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« on: May 03, 2008, 10:05:31 pm »

Destroy Eastern and Western Leviathan shield generators.

First and foremost, once you get to your ship, choose to land at Fiery Airdock.
Before heading through the door, scan the yellow stuff (Fuel Gel). Head through
the door. Fire fully charged shots at the fuel spouts on the walls to make them
roll back so you can go through. Make a right at the little statue and head
through to Gel Refinery Site. Kill the Reptilicus, then head to the southeast
part of the room. Use fully charged shots on both fuel spouts here to make a
platform appear. Hop on it, turn around, and hop on the ledge with the door.
Go through. Here, look right, and yank the metal away. Scan the Lore, then head
through the Morph Ball tunnel. You'll find a wide space here with some more
Snatchers and a Korba at the top. Get caught in some Snatchers, and let
yourself get taken to the very top. Go through the tunnel up here, and at the
end you'll reach a MISSILE EXPANSION. Head back, bomb the plant blocking the
way, and head through the tunnel below to get to the upper part. Step onto the
lift, and yank the lever to make it go down. Blast the Red Blast Shield and
head through.

Kill the Hoppers, then go into Hyper Mode to destroy the bulbs on the Phazon
vines. However, during Hyper Mode, your suit will go crazy and there will be a
Phazon overload. Quickly vent your Phazon before you get Corrupted by shooting!
Afterwards, AU 242 will contact you, saying that they detected high energy
signatures from your position, and will then do a diagnostic on what happened.
If you have any energy gone, just take a dip into the Phazon and it will heal
you. Now swing across the pit and head into Gel Processing Site. Start heading
to the other side, and something will be blocked off and you'll have to fight
beefed up Reptilicus. Scan them, then use Hyper Mode to deal with them quickly.
After they're gone, head to where the area was blocked off, scan the Lore, then
ignite the fuel spouts to power up a Bomb Slot. Hop into it and bomb it to make
the center part of the room rise. Shoot down the Gragnols and hop onto the
tower. Yank away the pieces of metal on both west and east sides, and head into
the small alcove on the east side. Go to the handle here and do pumping motions
with the Wii Remote to pump the gel processor. Once done, ignite the fuel
spouts (charge shots, remember) to reveal a Morph Ball tunnel. Go through and
you'll end up in a west alcove. Ignite the fuel spouts, then bomb the Bomb Slot
here to make the tower rise again. Backtrack to the east alcove, then hop to
the top of the tower.

Kill the Gragnol Adults first by yanking off their tails, then look at the
south end of this room. Yank off the valve cap, ignite the fuel flow, then do
the same with the other. This will make some parts blow up so you can continue.
Scan the creatures in the Morph Ball tunnels first, then hop onto the south
ledge, and go through the tunnels. At one point you'll have to go up high and
bomb a cracked block to make a solid one block a flame thrower so you can go to
the other side. At the other (north) side, ignite the fuel spouts and bomb the
Slot to make the tower rise to its highest level. Jump onto the tower, look
west, and scan the glowing green ledge. Hop towards it to have Samus pull
herself up. Head through the door.

Here in Gel Hall, eliminate the Gel Puffers, and watch the large gel spout. As
it gets close to that hardened Fuel Gel vine you see up there, ignite the head
spout with a charge shot to burn the vine and allow a platform to fall down,
allowing you to cross, and also containing a MISSILE EXPANSION. Grab it, then
wait in this room until you see a creature hop up from the Fuel Gel. Quickly
scan it (it may take several tries, be patient, though you can get them to come
up if you shoot above where they are) then once it's fully scanned, head
through the west door here. (Well, the only door you can go through right now.)
Here is a Save Station, so save. Kill the Hoppers in Cavern Entry, then
continue to Gel Cavern. To pass through here, you'll simply have to wait until
the gel falls stop, then pass through. Make sure to stay away from them because
there are enemies around, and they tend to shoot at the gel falls, igniting
them and hurting you if you're nearby. Once you get to Temple Access, scan the
bugs in the tunnel, shoot them down, then continue to the big Temple of Bryyo
room, where you'll see a GIGANTIC Space Pirate vessel fly above the area and
deploy ATCs and Space Pirate armies. Time to kick some ass. Take care of the
ATC that stays to fire at you, then take care of the ground troops. Scan the
Armored Pirate Trooper and the Large Space Pirate Crates, then kill them all.
(NOTE: Second playthrough, when you're not worried about scanning things here,
end the Space Pirate fight prematurely by shooting down both ATCs with Hyper
Mode attacks before they even get close to the ground.)

More will come, but just as Samus gets cornered, some ice attacks them all.
After they're dead, Rundas appears from an ice spike. ...Rundas? ...Why are you
looking at me like that? Walk a little forward and Rundas throws an ice wave
towards you, but Samus will dodge it in a cutscene.  Rundas...please. After all
you did, you're against me?

Boss Battle Ne

BOSS: Rundas
Well, Rundas is now evil...Scan him, let's get to work.

First of all, his attacks and how to deal with them. On the ground, he can fire
two or three bursts of ice that can freeze you. Simply stay away from him to
easily avoid these, but if you do get caught, press the jump button repeatedly
to escape. If you get really close, he'll form an ice scythe on his right hand
and try to slice you with it. To avoid this, simply don't get right in his
face. Also if you try to fire Missiles at him, he'll form a super-cooled area
around him, freezing the Missile midflight. He'll also take off and fly around
on a sheet of ice, and if he lands on an ice pillar from it, he'll form large
ice projectiles. I suggest trying to avoid these (it's hard, they home in)
since you'll likely not have enough time to shoot down all of them, but you do
get some health and stuff for shooting them. That's pretty much it right now,
so let's get on to how to damage him.

Simply shoot him. Sure it doesn't do any damage, but if you shoot him enough,
he'll be stunned, allowing you to yank the armor off of him and actually do
some damage. Go crazy when the armor is off. If you did enough damage by the
time he forms his armor back on, he'll have new attacks at his disposal.

When he has half health left, he'll start firing ice projectiles while he's
flying, so beware. Also when he's stationed on an ice spire, he'll make a large
ice cylinder, whip it around like a lasso, then throw it at you. This does
heavy damage to you, and its blast radius is hard to avoid, so try to stun him
with Missile shots (he doesn't stop Missiles when he's attacking) to make him
drop the ice cylinder. When his life is almost gone, he goes into Hypermode at
times, making his attacks and defense stronger for a brief moment. You'll have
to use your Hypermode attacks to compensate.

Gold Token acquired! (Note, defeating this boss again in Hyper mode difficulty
will give you another Gold Token.)

Rundas takes a shot straight to the head and keels backward onto his back. He's
in pain...Rundas, are you oka-*SHRAK*

...What the...? Did he just...that spike went right through him! There's Dark
Samus. He's taking Rundas's body! Damn you! Gah...Rundas is lost...grab the
item he left behind. You now got ICE MISSILES! You can freeze stuff with these,
and even make platforms with these! Go down the lift after picking up the
abundance of health and missile pickups, down to the Temple Reservoir. Scan the
Scorchbugs on the other side, then cross this pit of Fuel Gel by firing Ice
Missiles at the gel. This will make platforms for you to jump on. Pass through
and get into Temple Hall. Go to the handle, pump it, then go across the pit
here by freezing the Fuel Gel flows. In the next room, activate the Pirate
console with the Hand Scanner, and you'll see a hologram of the "energy source"
which is a shield generator. Scan the Bryyo Lore here, then look out the
window. Scan the generator (not added to logbook, but needed to continue) and
it'll say it's coated with Maldium. ...None of your weapons can penetrate that
material. At this time, AU 242 will contact you and say that you need a fire-
power upgrade for your ship in order to destroy the generator.

...OK, time to go exploring. Start by heading back to your ship.

New Research Scans Acquired: Mature Kashh Plant, Kashh Plant, Bryyo Blue Door,
Large Bryyo Coffer, Small Bryyo Coffer, Grapple Swing Point, Grab Ledge

New Bryyo Creature Scans Acquired: Gragnol, Gel Puffer, Hopper, Shelbug,
Reptilicus Hunter, Snatcher, Korba, Reptilicus, Nightbarb, Atomic, Gragnol
Adult, Alpha Hopper, Warp Hound, Gel Ray, Gelbug, Scorchbug

New Pirate Creature Scans Acquired: Armored Pirate Trooper, Rundas

New Bryyo Lore Scans Acquired: Golden Age, Age of Science, Age of Schism, Age
of War, Downfall

New Phazon Creature Scans Acquired: Phazon Nightbarb, Phazon Pillbug

New Suit Upgrades Acquired: Grapple Swing, Ice Missile

New Expansions Acquired: Energy Tank, Missile Expansions (5)

Current Equipment: 3 Energy Tanks, 35 Missiles
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