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[Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Author Topic: [Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption  (Read 1243 times)

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« on: May 03, 2008, 10:02:03 pm »

One Month Later...

Samus wakes up in a hospital area. The nurse explains what happened and what
they had to do. You and the other Hunters have been infected with Phazon, and
have been given PED Suits to utilize this Phazon. She'll then ask you to test
it out. Use it and fire at all the panels to complete the "training." After
some more talk, she'll let you go. (Hyper mode is explained in detail in the
Basics Section above) You now got the PED SUIT! You can now use Hyper mode
whenever you want.  Step down, scan the two terminals on the right, and exit
through the door. Just continue through here to the end. (Shooting the panels
here with Phazon attacks just gives you some Phazon energy pickups.) Activate
the Hand Scanner here, and at the top, go through to the Lift Access. Save here
for now. Head to the Flag Bridge and talk to the Marine. He'll allow access
through the blast door behind him. Go up the lift and a Marine will open the
next blast door, revealing a huge tank. Go up to the communication panels and
touch the center one to talk to AU 242, which looks like...a giant brain. o_o

She'll talk to you about certain stuff, like where the other Hunters are, and
will tell you to go to other planets to rid the Phazon from them by destroying
Leviathans, Phazon meteors like the one you encountered on Norion. Well, time
to get to work. Samus hauls ass over to her ship and enters it, flying out of

Good luck, Samus...

New Fed Lore Scans Acquired: Phazon Enhancement Device, Phazon

New Suit Upgrade Acquired: PED Suit
Current Equipment: 2 Energy Tanks, 10 Missiles

Exploring Bryyo

While inside your ship, AU 242 will contact you and tell you that the GF fleet
has moved to the rendezvous location, which means you're no longer able to dock
at the Olympus from this time forward. After she talks some more, use the touch
pad to bring up a galactic map. Click Bryyo, and then click the only landing
site available there for now. You'll now be at Bryyo, a planet with multiple-
themed areas, kinda like Tallon IV. You're at the Cliffside area now. Go down
this scenic room, and AU 242 will tell you about a downed Federation vessel
that has a satellite to give map data. She wants you to activate this satellite
to find the two generators on Bryyo that power up the Leviathan's shield. Let's
get to work then.

Activate the Satellite Uplink

Around the right wall you should see a plant. Scan it. Now head to the door.
Scan it, then turn around. You should see two plants on the wall. Scan the
upper one. Enter the door by shooting it. When you get to the outside area of
Gateway Hall, scan the Gragnols, shoot them down, then continue. Scan the
containers here before you leave the room. In Gateway, turn left, and jump.
Follow the room around and get to the other side. You'll notice you're on a
weak bridge. When you reach the locked door, turn right onto the next platform.
Now look at the center spire. Jump towards it and Morph Ball through the
opening. Follow the tunnel to a Bomb Slot. Bomb it to make some platforms
extend and to unlock one of the locks on the door. Get back to the weak bridge.
Face your back towards the locked door and you should see a yankable piece of
stone. Do so to let it hang, but this'll also make the bridge fall down below.
Jump to the yanked stone, jump up, and turn around to where you can see the
platforms. Cross them, and jump to the center spire. Go down the Morph Ball
tunnel here and Bomb at the end to release the last lock. Scan the Phazon
Nightbarbs that are trying to shoot at you and the Gel Puffers, then head
through the unlocked door.

If you look at the right, you'll see something yankable. Yank it three times
with the grapple, then Morph Ball into the hole and take a right. Scan the
Hoppers, dispose of them, then head through the door. In here, grab the ENERGY
TANK, then look up. Yank off the covering and scan the Bryyo Lore behind it.
Backtrack down the Morph Ball hole, and go to the other side this time. Quickly
scan the Shriekbats, then head through the red door. (It's likely you didn't
have enough time to scan the Shriekbats, so if you didn't, no worries. I'll
tell you places to scan other Shriekbats throughout Bryyo.) In here, look up
and scan a Shelbug, and shoot them down before continuing. (They'll fire at you
if you don't.) You'll see some Phazon vines blocking your way. Enter Hypermode
and fire at the bulbous areas to get rid of the vines. Continue to the next

In Grand Court, drop down to the giant statue laying on the ground, and
Reptilicus will attack you. Scan one. You're facing a couple of them, and they
attack by throwing a chakram at a distance, or whipping you with their energy
whips in close quarters. Defeat them both and the way forward will be opened.
Continue to where that stone head retracted. To the right is the door, but look
to the left. You should see some grey panels with a glowing red spot at the
center. These hide some Bryyo Lores. Shoot the red spot and three smaller red
spots will appear in a specific order. Shoot those spots in the same order they
appeared in to unlock the locking mechanism, allowing you to scan the Lore. I
will call these "Lore Locks" throughout the Bryyo section, so whenever I say
"do the Lore Lock here" that means do the same kind of thing done before to
unlock it, then scan the Lore behind it. This'll save some time, ok? Anyway,
continue through the door after having scanned the Lore.

Hillside Vista, climb down to the edge and face the cliffside. Scan the
Snatchers and Korba, then head back up. Look around for a scannable rock,
that's what we're looking for to proceed. Bomb that rock and head through with
Morph Ball. Go through the tunnel and drop into the area where you scanned
those creatures. Let enough Snatchers grab you (the small bugs) to lift you up,
and hug the left wall as much as you can. Have them float you up here, then as
you reach the top, the Snatchers will have reached their limit and detonate.
(Not hurting you though.) Go down to get the MISSILE EXPANSION, then get back
up, jump to the right, and end up at the other side. Yank off the ornament on
the statue here, then fire a Missile at the Fuel Gel revealed to blow it up.
(Make sure you're a fair distance away first.) After blowing it up, head
through the door and grab the GRAPPLE SWING. You can now swing across and hang
from certain magnetic points above you. Backtrack to Grand Court. (Scan the
Swing point in Hillside Vista first.)

You'll notice that you can't quite climb back up the way you went down, so head
towards the statue and look left to find a path to go down. At the end, you'll
end up above where you entered. Grapple swing across all the points, then where
you land, yank out all the panels then go through the revealed Morph Ball
tunnel to the top. As you head your way back in Grand Court Path, you'll
encounter a Reptilicus. Scan it, then look around. You'll notice a statue above
you containing Fuel Gel. (It has yellow lines.) Missile it, then hop up to
where it was. Turn around to see a tunnel. Hop across and go down it, then turn
right. You'll see an alcove containing a MISSILE EXPANSION across the gap. Jump
across and grab it, then head back to Gateway. Scan any normal Nightbarbs you
may find here, then head through the southeast door here, scan the Shriekbats
(if you didn't before) and swing across. The door here is closed, so bomb the
vent and head through the tunnels to the end. You'll be dropped into a room
with an Atomic. Scan it, then defeat it with charge shots (careful, its
attracted to charging energy). Shoot the locks here that have arrows pointing
down below them with Missiles to reveal some power rods. Yank the four rods
that aren't connected back into place, (make sure to yank the ones that are on
the same level first, such as if you yank a bottom rod, yank the other one on
the bottom, otherwise it won't work) and a structure will raise in the center
of the room, as well as open the ceiling. Head over to the handle and work it,
and you have activated the sattelite uplink! You now have the map for the
planet. AU 242 should tell you about the newfound locations for the shield
generators. Backtrack to Crash Site, and you'll see a figure standing on a
distant cliff looking at your direction, then will fly away on a sheet of ice.

Anyway, head back through the Morph Ball tunnel here, and at the junction in
the tunnels, take the upper path. Do jumps and double bomb jumps to climb up,
and you'll reach another MISSILE EXPANSION outside. Grab it, scan the Gragnol
Adult, and backtrack all the way to your ship. However when you reach Gateway
Hall, you'll be locked at the ice bridge and have to battle some Alpha Hoppers.
Scan one, then take them out. They're really just stronger and faster versions
of normal Hoppers, so you have nothing to worry about. After this battle, get
to your ship.

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