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[Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Author Topic: [Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption  (Read 1243 times)

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« on: May 03, 2008, 09:54:54 pm »

Space Pirate Attack!

Exit the Briefing Room and get back to the Flag Bridge. In a cutscene, Dane
will tell you to get back to your ship and head to Norion. But before he
finishes his sentence, the flagship behind him gets fired upon. Thus, you'll
have to leave. Scan him before you leave though! Just backtrack until you get
to Flag Bridge Access, and you'll see a couple of Space Pirates break through
a window and start attacking you. There's some Turrets to "help" you, but the
Pirates focus on them and easily destroy them, so just scan one of the Pirates
and kill them both. Take the newly revealed door out of here.

Now, stay focused here, you'll be saving quite a few Federation troopers from
danger here. Move forward and stay with the Trooper. When a Space Pirate vessel
comes crashing through, be the Trooper's shield and stay in front of him while
you take care of the Pirates. If you kill the Pirates before the Trooper gets
killed, you'll get a Blue Token as reward. Before you leave, scan the vessel
the Pirates were in. Now go to the next room.

In Xenoresearch Lab, act quickly, a Marine is hiding behind some crates trying
to avoid weapons fire from some mobile Pirate turrets. Again, be the Marine's
shield and take the brunt of the shots while you scan one and take them out.
You'll get another Blue Token if you're successful in saving the Marine.
Continue. As you continue, a damaged ship will fly STRAIGHT THROUGH the hall
you're going down and will create a hull breach. A couple of Marines are
already sucked in, but a Marine is hanging on for his life! Be quick and shoot
the red button above the breach before the remaining Marine is sucked in and
you'll get a Friend Voucher for the save.

Well, since the way is blocked, you'll have to find an alternate route. Go back
to Xenoresearch Lab and you'll see some Space Pirates taking the Energy Cell
used to power the flagship. Scan the Pirate with spiked shoulders, and proceed
to take the Space Pirates out of commission. The spiked shoulder one is
armored, which means it takes more shots to take him out. Use charge shots on
him. After all three are taken out, grab the Energy Cell, then head to where
the Energy Cell was. Press A while in front of its place, push the Wii Remote,
then twist it clockwise to put it in. Now everything is powered up, but...wait
a minute...Oh crap. You're surrounded by Crawlmines. Scan one and fend them off
and the Crawltanks that appear. You're locked in, and it's an infinite supply
of enemies. Crap. ...Wait a minute, did that Crawltank just...Quick! Go through
the opening that Crawltank revealed and get into Morph Ball mode.

While going through this tunnel, you'll see Rundas above freezing and
shattering a Pirate. Go Rundas! Anyway, bomb the obstruction in the way and
roll until you get to the bottom. Bomb again to clear the obstruction and get
an ENERGY TANK. Continue through and you'll get launched into some dump area.
Ew...anyway. Turn around and scan the control panel to unlock the controls for
the Bomb Slot on the other side of the room. Scan the Slot, then go into Morph
Ball and jump into it. (Remember you can jump without using a bomb by flicking
the Wii Remote up in a quick motion.) Bomb the slot, and the blast door will
open, sucking Samus into space and everything else in the room. By cutscene,
Samus will grab a hold to part of the ship, and pull herself up.

In Repair Bay A, head through the door, and in this main room you'll see a
battle going on, but blast doors cover the area and some debris falls in front
of the Hand Scanner, and it can't be destroyed without explosives. If you want
to save the Trooper that was under attack, do the following as quickly as
possible: Head over to the blast doors and some Pirates will attack you. Take
them out, then start climbing the room starting from the south catwalk. Climb
up, destroying Crawltanks and killing Space Pirates, until you reach the top
with the door. Head through it to find the MISSILE LAUNCHER. Now you can fire
Missiles by pressing down on the + Control Pad. Head back to the Repair Bay,
Missile the obstruction, and use the Hand Scanner to open the blast door. Now
open the other blast door by quickly firing at the four targets. (lock on

If you were fast enough, the Aeromines that were attacking the Trooper will be
distracted by your presence and leave the Trooper alone as they attack you.
Scan one of them, then shoot them when their shields are down. You can't lock
on to these. If you were successful in saving the Trooper, you'll see the Blue
Token for it after defeating the Aeromines. Kill the Space Pirate above, cross
the bridge, and enter the door on the left for another Save Station. Save, then
head to the blast door and use the Hand Scanner to open it. Run towards your
ship, and a Trooper will be thrown out of the window behind you, and a HUGE
Space Pirate falls down to face you as you turn around. This is a Berserker
Pirate, and he ain't gonna let you leave without a fight. Samus will command
her ship to leave as she gets ready to fight.

BOSS: Berserker Lord
Scan this guy. First I will document his attacks as of now. He fires a solid
Phazon Beam in a sweeping fashion, pounds the ground with his hands if you get
too close, (it creates a tall shockwave that must be Space Jumped over) and a
liquid Phazon beam. All can be easily avoided. OK, now in order to start
damaging, shoot the glowing orbs on his shoulders until they're both gone.
He'll now start firing Phazon projectiles at you. This is the key. Shoot the
projectiles to send them right back at him, damaging the plating covering his
weak point. (Try to get two projectiles to hit him.) Afterwards, he'll more
than likely regenerate his shoulder orbs. If so, repeat the process until that
plating is gone.

Now that it's destroyed, he'll resort to making shockwaves by slamming his
fists onto the ground. If you've played Prime 2 and remember those Ing
Smashers, avoiding the shockwaves is pretty much the same. Just shoot his weak
point while dodging his attacks and he'll be dead in no time.

Gold Token acquired! (Note, defeating this boss again in Hyper mode difficulty
will give you another Gold Token.)

The Berserker Lord will get electrocuted by the barriers, and fall down into
space, getting rammed head on into a ship. Ouch. Anyway, Samus will call her
ship back in. Head inside, save, and press the touch interface to bring up a
planetary map of Norion. Choose the green icon shown there and your ship will
land there. Now just watch the pretty cutscenes. Smiley

New Research Scan Acquired: Bomb Slot

New Fed Creature Scans Acquired: Fleet Admiral Dane

New Pirate Creature Scans Acquired: Pirate Militia, Crawltank, Armored Pirate
Militia, Crawlmine, Aeromine, Berserker Lord

New Suit Upgrade Acquired: Missile Launcher

Expansion Acquired: Energy Tank

Current Equipment: 1 Energy Tank, 5 Missiles
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