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[Guide] Official LoZ: TP Game Guide

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Author Topic: [Guide] Official LoZ: TP Game Guide  (Read 326 times)
« on: November 27, 2007, 05:40:13 pm »

I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I was bored.

Spoilers are in the guide. Lets start.

   Watch the first few minutes worth of cutscenes between Link and Rusl.
Once you are given free control of Link's movement, talk to Fado to learn his
request. Next, head straight north from Link's treehouse and into the next
screen. Going along the forest floor, pick up some rocks to collect a small
handful of rupees, as you will need them very shortly. Once you make it to the
middle, take the turnoff right into the spring, and watch another short scene.
Talk to Ilia, then pick up some grass nearby the gate and blow. Afterwards, get
onto Epona. Ride back south to Link's treehouse. Head south and into Ordon
Village this time around.

   In town, do some talking if you wish to, but once done, head south along
the dirt road, and up the hill to Ordon Ranch at the end.

   Here, get close to Fado to trigger another scene, and he will give you a
brief tutorial on how to herd the goats. Here is a better explanation: On Epona,
move around and get in from behind the goats. This will scare them off and cause
them to run a short distance, away from Epona. If you herd them close enough to
the barn, they will automatically go in. A large part of which direction they
go, however, is the angle you come in from; if you come in from the north, they
will run south, and so on. Keep this in mind when trying to move them, as coming
in from the wrong side can waste time. Lastly, try to bring stray goats together
with the small groups, to save time. After you have finished herding them all
in, Fado will automatically call you over.

   The man will set up some fences for you to have a training run with
Epona. It is pretty basic - run around the track, and press A to feed the carrot
to get Epona to dash and jump over the fences. Practice around a bit if you
want, as it will be a lot different from Ocarina of Time's controls. Afterwards,
head south and jump over the gate from whence you came.

   In the morning, you'll be woken up. Go down the treehouse and exit
outside. Talk to the crowd of kids, and talk to Colin (whom is tending Epona) as
well. Head south into the village.

   In town, talk to the man to the left, whom will motion to a bee's nest.
Talk to him a couple more times to observe a funny scene. Head straight west
from here until you get motioned to Z-Target, and talk to the man on top of the
pillar. Once done, climb up the vines, continue the conversation, then jump over
to the next pillar. Blow on the grass to get the hawk to come to you, then use
the C button and aim it right at the bee's nest. Afterwards, head back down and
in the nest's direction, and go up the hill and climb up the tree. At the top,
grab some rupees, then jump down and roll to avoid the damage.

   Now, head to the southeast portion of the map, and at the stream near
Rusl's house, you'll see his wife Uli. Talk to her to learn about a missing
cradle. Go back to the pillar with the vines, and climb up it. Jump onto the
nearby house roof, then continue on another two pillars. Pick the grass and call
the hawk, then aim away from the village. You should see something hopping in
the village. Send the hawk after it, and it'll bring the cradle back to you.
Take the cradle back to Uli (if you drop it in the river, grab the hawk again to
retrieve it - if you can't reach it with either of the two conventional spots,
climb up to the roof of the mayor's house. Alternatively, you could just swim
and push it back, but that can be annoying, and take awhile).

   Afterwards, carry the cradle a bit more southeast, to Uli's house. She
will in turn give you the FISHING ROD. Open the item screen with -, then equip
the fishing rod. Head to the middle left portion of the village (where the cat
was), and go to the pier. From here, use your fishing rod.

   Now, for some reason, a number of people have trouble with the bobber
fishing, so please allow me to explain this in easy terms. The first thing that
you need to do is cast the bobber into the water. If it does not go down into
the water but rather floats, jab a bit with the Remote to move it. Once the
green part of the bobber goes underwater, tug upwards by moving the Remote up
from your original position, and horizontally (near your head). If the FISH ON!
sign appears, hold the Remote in that position, and you should eventually catch
the fish. Press B to let the fish out behind you, and this will catch the cat's
attention. Fish a second time and release it, and the cat will make off with it.
Follow it back to Sera's Sundries.

   Inside, talk to Sera to get a free Bottle (with milk to boot), and
purchase the newly available Slingshot, bundled with the maximum of 50 pellets.
If you do not have the necessary 30 Rupees to make the purchase, run around town
and destroy the pumpkins - they offer a good number of blue rupees. Other
methods include running through the grass, or throwing around the rocks outside
of town. Once the transaction is done, exit, then head back to Link's treehouse.

To be Continued
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