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Title: [Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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There will be spoilers and this guide will take several pages. Instead of make one long post.

The Beginning

It starts out showing the integrity of...something in stasis, then it starts to
malfunction. After a while, it shows a mysterious scene showing Phazon from all
of the pods centering towards one pod. The camera centers on this pod, a few
break, and Dark Samus breaks from her pod, leaving an evil glow from its visor.
Samus then wakes up from her cryostasis. She puts her Varia Suit on, sits on
her command chair, and now you can control her!

Alright, this little part is just to get used to your ship which you will be
using throughout the game, although half the features used in this section can
no longer be useful. First of all, look at your control panel. You see a large
flashing panel. This is the ship's touchscreen, with which you command your
ship. Don't press it yet. Look to your right and you will see two buttons.
Pressing the right button brings up a Biohazard check-up. To do the check-up,
twist the Wii Remote and try to line up the two icons as close together as
possible. As of now you're fine. The left button brings up the ship's blast
shield. It is useless as far as I can tell though. Oh, press B to exit the
Biohazard Scan when it's complete.

Now if you look to your left, you'll see two buttons similar to the ones on the
right. Press the left button to bring up in-depth results of the game currently
played, such as enemies killed, shots fired, damage taken, data saves, room
percentage, and as of now an unknown stat. It's all zero'd, obviously, but you
know where this is. The right button makes the ship interior lights turn orange
red-ish, with tactical maps for aerial combat. Don't get giddy however, this
too is a useless feature that really does nothing. Alright, now that you've
gotten accustomed to your ship, look down and touch that flashing touch pad to
make the ship turn right to see a GalFed fleet and the planet Norion in the
distance. A few ships will fly by, and some Fed police will surround you.
You'll get a transmission to submit your identity code to them. Look up and
you'll see a green mechanism. Use it to bring up your radio transmitter.
Follow the code on screen to submit your identity code. After that, the police
identify you as Samus, and allow you to land on the Olympus. Look to your
bottom left, touch the panel to bring up a handle. Push the Wii Remote forward
to activate your ship's thrusters. Now is just a simple cutscene showing Samus
landing her ship on the Olympus.

Walk forward and Federation Troopers will ask you to calibrate your Arm Cannon
by shooting the targets in front of you. Before doing so, turn around and scan
your ship and the little spires surrounding it.

Now shoot the targets and you'll talk to a Federation Trooper. He'll give you
your current objective and upload the coordinates to your map.

Go to Briefing Room

Walk past him and look right. You should see a peculiar pad to the right of a
ramp. Step onto the pad to initiate Accuracy Training. Two Training Drones will
appear in front of you, so scan one.

OK, what you should do is shoot the Training Drone and keep on shooting it to
juggle it in the air. This is extremely hard, but you'll get a Gold Token for
10 shots and a Friend Voucher for 20 shots. Only try if you're extremely

Whether you did it or not, continue searching this room for scannable objects.
You should find a few more to add to your Logbook. After the search, head
through the only door here. (If you can't find the Turret scan, it's above the
big blast door in front of the ship, also scan the door.) In this next room,
scan the Male and Female Fleet Troopers, and shoot the red glowing prongs on
the east side of the room with charge shots. (Going by the map's compass) This
will raise some ramps for you to climb up to the second level. Continue through
the door up here.

Go to the end of this room here, scan the locked door, and scan the console
beside it. You'll see a touchpad with numbers, so it looks like you need a code
to unlock this door. Well, turn around and scan the screen behind you to
activate it. Now walk up to it and press A and it will register your Federation
number. Memorize it and walk up to before-said numbered touchpad and enter
those numbers to unlock the door. Proceed through.

While the guy inside the room is getting a biohazard check, scan him. This guy
is Ghor, a hunter that'll be with you for this mission. When his check is done,
you'll be asked to enter to perform the same check. Go over to the handle
beside the door and press A. Pull the Wii Remote, then twist it to the left,
then push to open the door.  Head inside and face the Trooper behind the
window.  Keep still while you get your DNA verified, then walk to the console
to perform a biohazard check. It's like the one on your ship, except it's done
automatically, no Wii Remote interaction. After all that stuff, you're cleared
for entry. Just exit by interacting with the handle here the same way you did
last time. Before you leave the Security Station, scan the terminal in red to
get some Federation data for your Logbook. Now proceed.

Just walk straight through Security Access and enter Command Lift A, nothing of
importance here. Use the Hand Scanner to activate the lift, and hop on. Go over
the hologram to make it go. Go through the door to arrive at the Flag Bridge
Access.  Continue to the Flag Bridge. Go up to the top floor and talk to the
Marine blocking the way through the left hall. He'll say you need to perform a
systems check on your suit at the nearby Save Station before allowing you to
get to the Admiral. So go down the right hall and open the door. In Lift
Access, shoot a charge shot at the stack of crates to reveal some energy. Get
them, then enter the door you revealed. (You can't enter through the other one)
You're at the Save Station. Scan it, then walk onto it to save your game. Your
energy will also be replenished.  Return to the Marine, talk to him, and he'll
allow you access through.

Just go straight through the Meeting Access and meet up with the other hunters
at the briefing room. You; Rundas (an ice hunter, sadly not a Vhozon); Ghor, a
cybernetic bounty hunter; and Samus, a well-kno--wait, what? Oh, it's just
Gandrayda. She's a shapeshifter. Anyway, Admiral Dane and the Aurora Unit (242)
will bring you up to speed on things, like what happened recently, the war with
Space Pirates, and stuff. All of a sudden, the place rumbles and shakes and a
Space Pirate attack alert has been turned on. Admiral Dane orders the other
hunters to go down to Norion to do certain instructions, then gives Samus the
order to escape as well.

New Research Scans Acquired: Hunter-Class Gunship, Landing Beacon, Galactic
Federation Crate, Heavy Galactic Federation Crate, Galactic Federation Blue
Door, Blast Shield, Save Station

New Fed Creature Scans Acquired: Halberd-Class Turret, Fleet Mechanic,
Federation Marine, Male Fleet Trooper, Female Fleet Trooper, Hunter Ghor

New Fed Lore Scans Acquired: Olympus-Class Battleship

To be continued

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Space Pirate Attack!

Exit the Briefing Room and get back to the Flag Bridge. In a cutscene, Dane
will tell you to get back to your ship and head to Norion. But before he
finishes his sentence, the flagship behind him gets fired upon. Thus, you'll
have to leave. Scan him before you leave though! Just backtrack until you get
to Flag Bridge Access, and you'll see a couple of Space Pirates break through
a window and start attacking you. There's some Turrets to "help" you, but the
Pirates focus on them and easily destroy them, so just scan one of the Pirates
and kill them both. Take the newly revealed door out of here.

Now, stay focused here, you'll be saving quite a few Federation troopers from
danger here. Move forward and stay with the Trooper. When a Space Pirate vessel
comes crashing through, be the Trooper's shield and stay in front of him while
you take care of the Pirates. If you kill the Pirates before the Trooper gets
killed, you'll get a Blue Token as reward. Before you leave, scan the vessel
the Pirates were in. Now go to the next room.

In Xenoresearch Lab, act quickly, a Marine is hiding behind some crates trying
to avoid weapons fire from some mobile Pirate turrets. Again, be the Marine's
shield and take the brunt of the shots while you scan one and take them out.
You'll get another Blue Token if you're successful in saving the Marine.
Continue. As you continue, a damaged ship will fly STRAIGHT THROUGH the hall
you're going down and will create a hull breach. A couple of Marines are
already sucked in, but a Marine is hanging on for his life! Be quick and shoot
the red button above the breach before the remaining Marine is sucked in and
you'll get a Friend Voucher for the save.

Well, since the way is blocked, you'll have to find an alternate route. Go back
to Xenoresearch Lab and you'll see some Space Pirates taking the Energy Cell
used to power the flagship. Scan the Pirate with spiked shoulders, and proceed
to take the Space Pirates out of commission. The spiked shoulder one is
armored, which means it takes more shots to take him out. Use charge shots on
him. After all three are taken out, grab the Energy Cell, then head to where
the Energy Cell was. Press A while in front of its place, push the Wii Remote,
then twist it clockwise to put it in. Now everything is powered up, but...wait
a minute...Oh crap. You're surrounded by Crawlmines. Scan one and fend them off
and the Crawltanks that appear. You're locked in, and it's an infinite supply
of enemies. Crap. ...Wait a minute, did that Crawltank just...Quick! Go through
the opening that Crawltank revealed and get into Morph Ball mode.

While going through this tunnel, you'll see Rundas above freezing and
shattering a Pirate. Go Rundas! Anyway, bomb the obstruction in the way and
roll until you get to the bottom. Bomb again to clear the obstruction and get
an ENERGY TANK. Continue through and you'll get launched into some dump area.
Ew...anyway. Turn around and scan the control panel to unlock the controls for
the Bomb Slot on the other side of the room. Scan the Slot, then go into Morph
Ball and jump into it. (Remember you can jump without using a bomb by flicking
the Wii Remote up in a quick motion.) Bomb the slot, and the blast door will
open, sucking Samus into space and everything else in the room. By cutscene,
Samus will grab a hold to part of the ship, and pull herself up.

In Repair Bay A, head through the door, and in this main room you'll see a
battle going on, but blast doors cover the area and some debris falls in front
of the Hand Scanner, and it can't be destroyed without explosives. If you want
to save the Trooper that was under attack, do the following as quickly as
possible: Head over to the blast doors and some Pirates will attack you. Take
them out, then start climbing the room starting from the south catwalk. Climb
up, destroying Crawltanks and killing Space Pirates, until you reach the top
with the door. Head through it to find the MISSILE LAUNCHER. Now you can fire
Missiles by pressing down on the + Control Pad. Head back to the Repair Bay,
Missile the obstruction, and use the Hand Scanner to open the blast door. Now
open the other blast door by quickly firing at the four targets. (lock on

If you were fast enough, the Aeromines that were attacking the Trooper will be
distracted by your presence and leave the Trooper alone as they attack you.
Scan one of them, then shoot them when their shields are down. You can't lock
on to these. If you were successful in saving the Trooper, you'll see the Blue
Token for it after defeating the Aeromines. Kill the Space Pirate above, cross
the bridge, and enter the door on the left for another Save Station. Save, then
head to the blast door and use the Hand Scanner to open it. Run towards your
ship, and a Trooper will be thrown out of the window behind you, and a HUGE
Space Pirate falls down to face you as you turn around. This is a Berserker
Pirate, and he ain't gonna let you leave without a fight. Samus will command
her ship to leave as she gets ready to fight.

BOSS: Berserker Lord
Scan this guy. First I will document his attacks as of now. He fires a solid
Phazon Beam in a sweeping fashion, pounds the ground with his hands if you get
too close, (it creates a tall shockwave that must be Space Jumped over) and a
liquid Phazon beam. All can be easily avoided. OK, now in order to start
damaging, shoot the glowing orbs on his shoulders until they're both gone.
He'll now start firing Phazon projectiles at you. This is the key. Shoot the
projectiles to send them right back at him, damaging the plating covering his
weak point. (Try to get two projectiles to hit him.) Afterwards, he'll more
than likely regenerate his shoulder orbs. If so, repeat the process until that
plating is gone.

Now that it's destroyed, he'll resort to making shockwaves by slamming his
fists onto the ground. If you've played Prime 2 and remember those Ing
Smashers, avoiding the shockwaves is pretty much the same. Just shoot his weak
point while dodging his attacks and he'll be dead in no time.

Gold Token acquired! (Note, defeating this boss again in Hyper mode difficulty
will give you another Gold Token.)

The Berserker Lord will get electrocuted by the barriers, and fall down into
space, getting rammed head on into a ship. Ouch. Anyway, Samus will call her
ship back in. Head inside, save, and press the touch interface to bring up a
planetary map of Norion. Choose the green icon shown there and your ship will
land there. Now just watch the pretty cutscenes. :)

New Research Scan Acquired: Bomb Slot

New Fed Creature Scans Acquired: Fleet Admiral Dane

New Pirate Creature Scans Acquired: Pirate Militia, Crawltank, Armored Pirate
Militia, Crawlmine, Aeromine, Berserker Lord

New Suit Upgrade Acquired: Missile Launcher

Expansion Acquired: Energy Tank

Current Equipment: 1 Energy Tank, 5 Missiles

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Getting the Norion Generators Online

When you land the Marine will tell you of the situation, and tell you that the
Generators for the main cannon are offline and need to be turned back on. He'll
give you the coordinates for each, and send you on your way. Go forward and
destroy the locks on the door to open it. Continue through. Before following
the hall, take a look at the secluded room there. You should be able to enter
it by shooting a lock straight across from the door you opened. Head inside and
grab the GRAPPLE LASSO. Scan the nearby terminal for data, then go down the
hallway. Scan the control panel to bring out a handle, and follow the
instructions to open the door. Take the lift and head into the next room.
Destroy the Crawltank and get into the main room. Kill the Space Pirate and
Crawltanks here, and continue. You'll see the door is locked. Scan it, then
lock on to it. Cast the Nunchuk forward to fire the Grapple Beam, and once it
is locked, yank the Nunchuk back to yank the Blast Shield off. Continue.

When you enter the Cargo Hub, look at the dead Marine on the left. From where
he is, look right towards the other wall to see something you can yank away. Do
so to reveal a panel, but it can't be accessed without clearing the enemies
here. So walk forward and take care of the two waves of Aeromines, then head
back to the panel. Use it to make an access port open. Use Morph Ball to go
down it, and you'll end up in some ventilation ducts. Move left and bomb the
obstruction, and let the fan carry you up. You'll be dropped onto a little
alcove. Wait until the fan stops, then move forward and start climbing to the
top. Bomb the obstruction, keep moving, bomb the next obstruction, and avoid
the robot's targeting mechanism as you move through the fans. When you get to
the fan blowing upwards, let it take you up and around. Bomb the obstruction,
and wait for the fan below to start blowing before you drop. You should see a
MISSILE EXPANSION above you. Jump to collect it. Continue on to exit. Now walk
to the end of this hall, yank away the three obstructions, and Morph Ball
through the tunnel. Turn right and enter the door. In here, Morph Ball, and
jump up where the ENERGY TANK is and collect it. Continue past the Tank, but
beware the panels which can pop out. Continue to next room.

In here, a Pirate will shoot down some Marines, so take it down. As you walk
forward, watch the right wall for a red door. Scan it, then blast it with a
Missile. Enter to get to the Munitions Storage. Get the map for this area, then
scan the three terminals for data here before you leave. Continue down Conduit
A to the bottom, destroying debris, and destroy the Missile shield on the door
to continue. (Make sure to scan the Jumpmines.)

Prepare for a long battle. Walk outside and some Space Pirates will walk out.
Scan one of the Pirates hiding in the back (they're the ones with thicker legs)
and kill them. Another wave of Pirates will appear. Scan the ones with shields,
then kill them by yanking off their shields first with the Grapple Lasso. In
comes another wave, this time of Aerotroopers. Scan them. Just keep firing at
these Aerotroopers until they're down. (Missiles while locked on work wonders)
Now you'll battle a Pirate ATC. Scan it, and shoot the front port until it gets
destroyed. Now Samus will be surrounded by ATCs, too many for her. Suddenly,
Rundas appears and downs them all with one strike. Jesus...make me feel
incompetent, will you? Anyhow, he lands and basically rambles on about how
weak the Pirates are, and tells you to split up. He'll take care of one
generator while you get the other. Now command your ship to land. To do so,
hold the - Button and move the cursor to lower right to switch to Command
Visor. You should see a ship icon in front of you. Hold Z as if you were
scanning something, and when done, release Z and your ship will land. Just save
here, and continue to the next door.

Continue, destroying the Crawltanks, and at the end, quickly shoot the colored
targets on the door so you can yank the shield away. Enter to Generator A. You
will see Aerotroopers just leaving, it seems they planted detonator charges,
and everything is broken down. Crud. Walk to the center and you'll be
surrounded by aerial turrets. Scan one, then take them down. There's two waves,
just shoot them when they stop spinning around you. After they're gone, jump to
the obstructions, Missile them, and use the handle to turn on a Hand Scanner on
the other side of the room. Use the Hand Scanner to activate Generator A. Yay!

As soon as you do, Admiral Dane will contact you, saying that something's
happening. You'll then be treated to a scene of a...monstrosity getting out of
a wormhole and heading straight for Norion! CRAP! Let's get those generators
online quickly! Head back to where you landed your ship earlier and you'll see
a few Marines getting shot down by Pirates. The last one turns on some sort of
mechanism and glows blue, taking out all the Pirates in one shot. Scan this guy
then walk forward, and you'll see a large shadow below you and the sound of
something flying above you. ...It's Ridley! Let's get our butt moving before he
finds out you're here. Save, then backtrack to the Cargo Hub. Go through the
Morph Ball tunnel and you'll find that Ghor is in his battle armor battling a
Berserker Lord. Wow, he took it down in one attack. The scene afterwards shows
Ghor telling you that it's safe from here and then basically tells you to haul
your ass over to Generator C. Shoot the four locks holding the shield in place,
then yank the shield. Continue. Around now you should get a message from AU 242
saying that the meteor has large amounts of Phazon and could be a bomb. All the
more reason to get your butt down there!

In this next room, the Maintenance Station, you'll see some PED Marines owning
some Space Pirates. Scan the white door, then continue on. In Conduit C,
destroy the first Drone and the Crawlmines, then at the second Drone, destroy
it and jump to the platform in the distance. Use Morph Ball and roll through
the tunnels here to be able to continue. AU 242 will tell you that the meteor
will be entering the planet's atmosphere soon. Let's get our butt moving! Bomb
the plating in front of you, and go into Morph Ball mode. While in these
tunnels, Ridley will grasp onto it and trap you. He'll fire laser blasts at you
then try to bite you. If his bite misses, he'll be stuck. Bomb him. If one of
his feet doesn't let go, do the process again until he does. Escape while you
have the chance. He'll catch you again. Same process, except he bites more
often before he gets stuck. Same deal. NOTE: If you want a Friend Voucher, you
must survive both Ridley attacks WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE. This is tough, but not
as tough as the Juggling Bonus, I guarantee you. Head into Generator C Access
and use the Save Station there, then continue to Generator C.

You'll see some Space Pirates, but one of them goes rogue and kills the others.
Hmm, it's Gandrayda! What a nice surprise. She leaves, telling you mechanics
isn't her forté. Meh. At least she helped with the Space Pirates. Go to the
other side and use the handle to activate some Bomb Slots in some ventilation
shafts. Looks like this has to be done manually...head over to the open shaft
and Morph Ball through. (AU 242 will call you again saying you must hurry...
again) Bomb to make the vent light up and launch you up. Activate the first
Bomb Slot here, being careful of the stupid Drone firing at you. Cross the
danger pit using the vented air as a bridge, and when you drop, Bomb and take a
left to activate the second Bomb Slot. Take a right this time to the last Bomb
Slot. Continue on and you'll be on the walkway you extended with the Bomb
Slots. Just keep going, activate the Bomb Slot, and a scene will show Samus
unmorphing, looking above, and seeing Ridley right above her. He falls on her,
and they both start falling down a long shaft.

Boss Battle Next

BOSS: Meta Ridley
First of all, scan him.

You're both falling down a shaft which eventually leads to the planet's core,
so that means this is a timed battle. You're now above Meta Ridley, and his
main form of attack is a fire beam. Since he's scraping his feet and hands
against the sides of the shaft, explosive cells will fall, but since both of
you are falling faster, the cells approach you, so try to destroy them. After
he takes enough damage, he flies up to you and decides to do close combat.
He'll do two kinds of swipes with his right claw (foreward swipe and back
swipe) and he'll also try to bit you. He "charges" these attacks though, and
they glow red. So fire at his claws when they're red to stop his attacks.
Shooting his mouth here damages him, and when you hit his claw when he starts
to do a foreward swipe, he roars for a few seconds, giving you time to fire at
his mouth for extra damage.

After he gets enough damage taken from him, he flies above you. He fires
fireballs this time, which have to be hit multiple times before they're totally
dissipated, and also rushes toward you while doing his laser attack. Also he
has spiraling fireballs, which are redder and spiral around before they hit
you. After enough damage, you'll be back to close combat. Same thing as before.
After enough damage here, you'll be back above Ridley. Finish him off for good
here. Samus will fall down onto Ridley's mouth and start doing point-blank
shots right at the mouth, then will mount off, allowing Rundas to save her.

Gold Token acquired! (Note, defeating this boss again in Hyper mode difficulty
will give you another Gold Token.)

Rundas will drop you off, say that things were getting too hot for his liking,
and proceed to leave. Activate the Hand Scanner to activate the Generator.
Since all Generators are online, it's time to get the heck to the cannon now
that the meteor has already entered the planet's atmosphere. You're timed, but
don't have a timer available, so listen to the computer voice that says what
time it is. You shouldn't need to, since you're hauling ass to the cannon
anyway. Backtrack to Cargo Hub, Morph Ball through the tunnel, and go over to
the Hand Scanner on your left to access the elevator where the other Hunters
are. During this little conversation, you're free to do what you want except
move around, so use this only opportunity to scan Rundas and Gandrayda. (You
already scanned Ghor back at the Olympus, remember?) Now just watch the
cutscene unfold, showing Dark Samus hitting all the Hunters with powerful
attacks. Samus just barely survives in time to activate the cannon to destroy
the meteor.

New Research Scan Acquired: Mounted Blast Shield, Red Blast Shield, White Blast

New Fed Creature Scan Acquired: Federation PED Marine, Hunter Gandrayda, Hunter

New Pirate Creature Scans Acquired: Jumpmine, Pirate Trooper, Shield Pirate
Militia, Aerotrooper, Space Pirate ATC, "Jolly Roger" Drone, Meta Ridley

New Fed Lore Scans Acquired: Hunter Rundas, Hunter Ghor, Valhalla Incident,
Hunter Gandrayda


New Suit Upgrade Acquired: Grapple Lasso

Expansions Acquired: Missile Expansion, Energy Tank

Current Equipment: 2 Energy Tanks, 10 Missiles

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One Month Later...

Samus wakes up in a hospital area. The nurse explains what happened and what
they had to do. You and the other Hunters have been infected with Phazon, and
have been given PED Suits to utilize this Phazon. She'll then ask you to test
it out. Use it and fire at all the panels to complete the "training." After
some more talk, she'll let you go. (Hyper mode is explained in detail in the
Basics Section above) You now got the PED SUIT! You can now use Hyper mode
whenever you want.  Step down, scan the two terminals on the right, and exit
through the door. Just continue through here to the end. (Shooting the panels
here with Phazon attacks just gives you some Phazon energy pickups.) Activate
the Hand Scanner here, and at the top, go through to the Lift Access. Save here
for now. Head to the Flag Bridge and talk to the Marine. He'll allow access
through the blast door behind him. Go up the lift and a Marine will open the
next blast door, revealing a huge tank. Go up to the communication panels and
touch the center one to talk to AU 242, which looks like...a giant brain. o_o

She'll talk to you about certain stuff, like where the other Hunters are, and
will tell you to go to other planets to rid the Phazon from them by destroying
Leviathans, Phazon meteors like the one you encountered on Norion. Well, time
to get to work. Samus hauls ass over to her ship and enters it, flying out of

Good luck, Samus...

New Fed Lore Scans Acquired: Phazon Enhancement Device, Phazon

New Suit Upgrade Acquired: PED Suit
Current Equipment: 2 Energy Tanks, 10 Missiles

Exploring Bryyo

While inside your ship, AU 242 will contact you and tell you that the GF fleet
has moved to the rendezvous location, which means you're no longer able to dock
at the Olympus from this time forward. After she talks some more, use the touch
pad to bring up a galactic map. Click Bryyo, and then click the only landing
site available there for now. You'll now be at Bryyo, a planet with multiple-
themed areas, kinda like Tallon IV. You're at the Cliffside area now. Go down
this scenic room, and AU 242 will tell you about a downed Federation vessel
that has a satellite to give map data. She wants you to activate this satellite
to find the two generators on Bryyo that power up the Leviathan's shield. Let's
get to work then.

Activate the Satellite Uplink

Around the right wall you should see a plant. Scan it. Now head to the door.
Scan it, then turn around. You should see two plants on the wall. Scan the
upper one. Enter the door by shooting it. When you get to the outside area of
Gateway Hall, scan the Gragnols, shoot them down, then continue. Scan the
containers here before you leave the room. In Gateway, turn left, and jump.
Follow the room around and get to the other side. You'll notice you're on a
weak bridge. When you reach the locked door, turn right onto the next platform.
Now look at the center spire. Jump towards it and Morph Ball through the
opening. Follow the tunnel to a Bomb Slot. Bomb it to make some platforms
extend and to unlock one of the locks on the door. Get back to the weak bridge.
Face your back towards the locked door and you should see a yankable piece of
stone. Do so to let it hang, but this'll also make the bridge fall down below.
Jump to the yanked stone, jump up, and turn around to where you can see the
platforms. Cross them, and jump to the center spire. Go down the Morph Ball
tunnel here and Bomb at the end to release the last lock. Scan the Phazon
Nightbarbs that are trying to shoot at you and the Gel Puffers, then head
through the unlocked door.

If you look at the right, you'll see something yankable. Yank it three times
with the grapple, then Morph Ball into the hole and take a right. Scan the
Hoppers, dispose of them, then head through the door. In here, grab the ENERGY
TANK, then look up. Yank off the covering and scan the Bryyo Lore behind it.
Backtrack down the Morph Ball hole, and go to the other side this time. Quickly
scan the Shriekbats, then head through the red door. (It's likely you didn't
have enough time to scan the Shriekbats, so if you didn't, no worries. I'll
tell you places to scan other Shriekbats throughout Bryyo.) In here, look up
and scan a Shelbug, and shoot them down before continuing. (They'll fire at you
if you don't.) You'll see some Phazon vines blocking your way. Enter Hypermode
and fire at the bulbous areas to get rid of the vines. Continue to the next

In Grand Court, drop down to the giant statue laying on the ground, and
Reptilicus will attack you. Scan one. You're facing a couple of them, and they
attack by throwing a chakram at a distance, or whipping you with their energy
whips in close quarters. Defeat them both and the way forward will be opened.
Continue to where that stone head retracted. To the right is the door, but look
to the left. You should see some grey panels with a glowing red spot at the
center. These hide some Bryyo Lores. Shoot the red spot and three smaller red
spots will appear in a specific order. Shoot those spots in the same order they
appeared in to unlock the locking mechanism, allowing you to scan the Lore. I
will call these "Lore Locks" throughout the Bryyo section, so whenever I say
"do the Lore Lock here" that means do the same kind of thing done before to
unlock it, then scan the Lore behind it. This'll save some time, ok? Anyway,
continue through the door after having scanned the Lore.

Hillside Vista, climb down to the edge and face the cliffside. Scan the
Snatchers and Korba, then head back up. Look around for a scannable rock,
that's what we're looking for to proceed. Bomb that rock and head through with
Morph Ball. Go through the tunnel and drop into the area where you scanned
those creatures. Let enough Snatchers grab you (the small bugs) to lift you up,
and hug the left wall as much as you can. Have them float you up here, then as
you reach the top, the Snatchers will have reached their limit and detonate.
(Not hurting you though.) Go down to get the MISSILE EXPANSION, then get back
up, jump to the right, and end up at the other side. Yank off the ornament on
the statue here, then fire a Missile at the Fuel Gel revealed to blow it up.
(Make sure you're a fair distance away first.) After blowing it up, head
through the door and grab the GRAPPLE SWING. You can now swing across and hang
from certain magnetic points above you. Backtrack to Grand Court. (Scan the
Swing point in Hillside Vista first.)

You'll notice that you can't quite climb back up the way you went down, so head
towards the statue and look left to find a path to go down. At the end, you'll
end up above where you entered. Grapple swing across all the points, then where
you land, yank out all the panels then go through the revealed Morph Ball
tunnel to the top. As you head your way back in Grand Court Path, you'll
encounter a Reptilicus. Scan it, then look around. You'll notice a statue above
you containing Fuel Gel. (It has yellow lines.) Missile it, then hop up to
where it was. Turn around to see a tunnel. Hop across and go down it, then turn
right. You'll see an alcove containing a MISSILE EXPANSION across the gap. Jump
across and grab it, then head back to Gateway. Scan any normal Nightbarbs you
may find here, then head through the southeast door here, scan the Shriekbats
(if you didn't before) and swing across. The door here is closed, so bomb the
vent and head through the tunnels to the end. You'll be dropped into a room
with an Atomic. Scan it, then defeat it with charge shots (careful, its
attracted to charging energy). Shoot the locks here that have arrows pointing
down below them with Missiles to reveal some power rods. Yank the four rods
that aren't connected back into place, (make sure to yank the ones that are on
the same level first, such as if you yank a bottom rod, yank the other one on
the bottom, otherwise it won't work) and a structure will raise in the center
of the room, as well as open the ceiling. Head over to the handle and work it,
and you have activated the sattelite uplink! You now have the map for the
planet. AU 242 should tell you about the newfound locations for the shield
generators. Backtrack to Crash Site, and you'll see a figure standing on a
distant cliff looking at your direction, then will fly away on a sheet of ice.

Anyway, head back through the Morph Ball tunnel here, and at the junction in
the tunnels, take the upper path. Do jumps and double bomb jumps to climb up,
and you'll reach another MISSILE EXPANSION outside. Grab it, scan the Gragnol
Adult, and backtrack all the way to your ship. However when you reach Gateway
Hall, you'll be locked at the ice bridge and have to battle some Alpha Hoppers.
Scan one, then take them out. They're really just stronger and faster versions
of normal Hoppers, so you have nothing to worry about. After this battle, get
to your ship.


Title: Re: [Guide] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Post by: Stewie343 on May 03, 2008, 10:05:31 pm
Destroy Eastern and Western Leviathan shield generators.

First and foremost, once you get to your ship, choose to land at Fiery Airdock.
Before heading through the door, scan the yellow stuff (Fuel Gel). Head through
the door. Fire fully charged shots at the fuel spouts on the walls to make them
roll back so you can go through. Make a right at the little statue and head
through to Gel Refinery Site. Kill the Reptilicus, then head to the southeast
part of the room. Use fully charged shots on both fuel spouts here to make a
platform appear. Hop on it, turn around, and hop on the ledge with the door.
Go through. Here, look right, and yank the metal away. Scan the Lore, then head
through the Morph Ball tunnel. You'll find a wide space here with some more
Snatchers and a Korba at the top. Get caught in some Snatchers, and let
yourself get taken to the very top. Go through the tunnel up here, and at the
end you'll reach a MISSILE EXPANSION. Head back, bomb the plant blocking the
way, and head through the tunnel below to get to the upper part. Step onto the
lift, and yank the lever to make it go down. Blast the Red Blast Shield and
head through.

Kill the Hoppers, then go into Hyper Mode to destroy the bulbs on the Phazon
vines. However, during Hyper Mode, your suit will go crazy and there will be a
Phazon overload. Quickly vent your Phazon before you get Corrupted by shooting!
Afterwards, AU 242 will contact you, saying that they detected high energy
signatures from your position, and will then do a diagnostic on what happened.
If you have any energy gone, just take a dip into the Phazon and it will heal
you. Now swing across the pit and head into Gel Processing Site. Start heading
to the other side, and something will be blocked off and you'll have to fight
beefed up Reptilicus. Scan them, then use Hyper Mode to deal with them quickly.
After they're gone, head to where the area was blocked off, scan the Lore, then
ignite the fuel spouts to power up a Bomb Slot. Hop into it and bomb it to make
the center part of the room rise. Shoot down the Gragnols and hop onto the
tower. Yank away the pieces of metal on both west and east sides, and head into
the small alcove on the east side. Go to the handle here and do pumping motions
with the Wii Remote to pump the gel processor. Once done, ignite the fuel
spouts (charge shots, remember) to reveal a Morph Ball tunnel. Go through and
you'll end up in a west alcove. Ignite the fuel spouts, then bomb the Bomb Slot
here to make the tower rise again. Backtrack to the east alcove, then hop to
the top of the tower.

Kill the Gragnol Adults first by yanking off their tails, then look at the
south end of this room. Yank off the valve cap, ignite the fuel flow, then do
the same with the other. This will make some parts blow up so you can continue.
Scan the creatures in the Morph Ball tunnels first, then hop onto the south
ledge, and go through the tunnels. At one point you'll have to go up high and
bomb a cracked block to make a solid one block a flame thrower so you can go to
the other side. At the other (north) side, ignite the fuel spouts and bomb the
Slot to make the tower rise to its highest level. Jump onto the tower, look
west, and scan the glowing green ledge. Hop towards it to have Samus pull
herself up. Head through the door.

Here in Gel Hall, eliminate the Gel Puffers, and watch the large gel spout. As
it gets close to that hardened Fuel Gel vine you see up there, ignite the head
spout with a charge shot to burn the vine and allow a platform to fall down,
allowing you to cross, and also containing a MISSILE EXPANSION. Grab it, then
wait in this room until you see a creature hop up from the Fuel Gel. Quickly
scan it (it may take several tries, be patient, though you can get them to come
up if you shoot above where they are) then once it's fully scanned, head
through the west door here. (Well, the only door you can go through right now.)
Here is a Save Station, so save. Kill the Hoppers in Cavern Entry, then
continue to Gel Cavern. To pass through here, you'll simply have to wait until
the gel falls stop, then pass through. Make sure to stay away from them because
there are enemies around, and they tend to shoot at the gel falls, igniting
them and hurting you if you're nearby. Once you get to Temple Access, scan the
bugs in the tunnel, shoot them down, then continue to the big Temple of Bryyo
room, where you'll see a GIGANTIC Space Pirate vessel fly above the area and
deploy ATCs and Space Pirate armies. Time to kick some ass. Take care of the
ATC that stays to fire at you, then take care of the ground troops. Scan the
Armored Pirate Trooper and the Large Space Pirate Crates, then kill them all.
(NOTE: Second playthrough, when you're not worried about scanning things here,
end the Space Pirate fight prematurely by shooting down both ATCs with Hyper
Mode attacks before they even get close to the ground.)

More will come, but just as Samus gets cornered, some ice attacks them all.
After they're dead, Rundas appears from an ice spike. ...Rundas? ...Why are you
looking at me like that? Walk a little forward and Rundas throws an ice wave
towards you, but Samus will dodge it in a cutscene.  Rundas...please. After all
you did, you're against me?

Boss Battle Ne

BOSS: Rundas
Well, Rundas is now evil...Scan him, let's get to work.

First of all, his attacks and how to deal with them. On the ground, he can fire
two or three bursts of ice that can freeze you. Simply stay away from him to
easily avoid these, but if you do get caught, press the jump button repeatedly
to escape. If you get really close, he'll form an ice scythe on his right hand
and try to slice you with it. To avoid this, simply don't get right in his
face. Also if you try to fire Missiles at him, he'll form a super-cooled area
around him, freezing the Missile midflight. He'll also take off and fly around
on a sheet of ice, and if he lands on an ice pillar from it, he'll form large
ice projectiles. I suggest trying to avoid these (it's hard, they home in)
since you'll likely not have enough time to shoot down all of them, but you do
get some health and stuff for shooting them. That's pretty much it right now,
so let's get on to how to damage him.

Simply shoot him. Sure it doesn't do any damage, but if you shoot him enough,
he'll be stunned, allowing you to yank the armor off of him and actually do
some damage. Go crazy when the armor is off. If you did enough damage by the
time he forms his armor back on, he'll have new attacks at his disposal.

When he has half health left, he'll start firing ice projectiles while he's
flying, so beware. Also when he's stationed on an ice spire, he'll make a large
ice cylinder, whip it around like a lasso, then throw it at you. This does
heavy damage to you, and its blast radius is hard to avoid, so try to stun him
with Missile shots (he doesn't stop Missiles when he's attacking) to make him
drop the ice cylinder. When his life is almost gone, he goes into Hypermode at
times, making his attacks and defense stronger for a brief moment. You'll have
to use your Hypermode attacks to compensate.

Gold Token acquired! (Note, defeating this boss again in Hyper mode difficulty
will give you another Gold Token.)

Rundas takes a shot straight to the head and keels backward onto his back. He's
in pain...Rundas, are you oka-*SHRAK*

...What the...? Did he just...that spike went right through him! There's Dark
Samus. He's taking Rundas's body! Damn you! Gah...Rundas is lost...grab the
item he left behind. You now got ICE MISSILES! You can freeze stuff with these,
and even make platforms with these! Go down the lift after picking up the
abundance of health and missile pickups, down to the Temple Reservoir. Scan the
Scorchbugs on the other side, then cross this pit of Fuel Gel by firing Ice
Missiles at the gel. This will make platforms for you to jump on. Pass through
and get into Temple Hall. Go to the handle, pump it, then go across the pit
here by freezing the Fuel Gel flows. In the next room, activate the Pirate
console with the Hand Scanner, and you'll see a hologram of the "energy source"
which is a shield generator. Scan the Bryyo Lore here, then look out the
window. Scan the generator (not added to logbook, but needed to continue) and
it'll say it's coated with Maldium. ...None of your weapons can penetrate that
material. At this time, AU 242 will contact you and say that you need a fire-
power upgrade for your ship in order to destroy the generator.

...OK, time to go exploring. Start by heading back to your ship.

New Research Scans Acquired: Mature Kashh Plant, Kashh Plant, Bryyo Blue Door,
Large Bryyo Coffer, Small Bryyo Coffer, Grapple Swing Point, Grab Ledge

New Bryyo Creature Scans Acquired: Gragnol, Gel Puffer, Hopper, Shelbug,
Reptilicus Hunter, Snatcher, Korba, Reptilicus, Nightbarb, Atomic, Gragnol
Adult, Alpha Hopper, Warp Hound, Gel Ray, Gelbug, Scorchbug

New Pirate Creature Scans Acquired: Armored Pirate Trooper, Rundas

New Bryyo Lore Scans Acquired: Golden Age, Age of Science, Age of Schism, Age
of War, Downfall

New Phazon Creature Scans Acquired: Phazon Nightbarb, Phazon Pillbug

New Suit Upgrades Acquired: Grapple Swing, Ice Missile

New Expansions Acquired: Energy Tank, Missile Expansions (5)

Current Equipment: 3 Energy Tanks, 35 Missiles